Privacy Policy

The data controller collecting and processing the personal information provided by a visitor to (“Our Site”) and communication in other channels.

This statement is our privacy statement for Aptic AB. Here we describe the practices we follow to respect the privacy of all visitors to Our Site and Social Channels.

In this statement, personal information means data which relates to an individual and which identifies that individual, either directly or indirectly, such as your name or your contact information.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information, please contact us or your usual Aptic representative.

Collection, use, disclosure, choice
Registration is not required for you to use Our Site. If you are merely a visitor, we do not collect any personal information about you, except to the limited extent through the use of cookies, which are described below. However, there may be circumstances in which you choose to register and receive ongoing updates from Aptic. In these cases, Aptic may contact registrants to invite them to special events, provide them with information about our platform, services, newsletter and products, or for other marketing purposes.

For example, you may choose to register for:

  • Registration for email communication
    Aptic offers an email communication to site visitors, in which we send subscribers email updates when new information around the Fintech market and Aptic. If you decide to subscribe, we will collect basic contact information about you, such as your name and email address.
  • Expressing an interest in working for Aptic
    Our Site enables you to register your interest in working for us or applying for an advertised vacancy. For more detail about the recruitment process and the information required, visit the careers section of Our Site.
    If you are interested in Thought Center Webcasts, but you do not wish to provide any personally identifiable information, you can read the executive summaries (“webcast recaps”) posted on Our Site, which require no registration.
  • Surveys
    Aptic may conduct surveys via Our Site. Survey participants may be asked for personal information (name, contact information, etc.) in addition to opinions or feedback. The type of information collected in surveys will vary.
  • Event registration
    Aptic facilitates event registration via Our Site or via third party web sites like Eventbrite. See Eventbrite’s privacy policy. Personal information may be collected via event registration forms and the type of information collected will vary but the most common is:
  • Attendees name.
  • Organization
  • Email address.
  • Contact information (where provided).

Data of registrants who have been out of active use for 18 months will be deleted from our event registration system.

  • Aptic Client Portal
    If you have been given access rights to Aptic Client Portal by your Aptic contact, we would recommend you take note of the full privacy notice associated with this service. You will have access to the notice once you log onto the portal.

Information collected at registration is protected using industry-standard encryption technology as it is sent over the Internet.

If you register on Our Site, your personal information will be stored in our customer relationship management (CRM) system, Dynamics CRM, see Microsoft’s DPA in Online Services Terms. Data of registrants who have been out of active use for 18 months will be deleted from our CRM system. Please refer to the specific privacy statements on the careers site of Our Site, the event registration sites, as well as the Client Portal for the applicable retention periods for these initiatives.

If you have opted out for receiving future communication, your contact details will remain on our opt-out list to prevent that you receive any further publications from Aptic.

Special categories of personal data
Aptic does not intentionally collect any special categories of personal data (sensitive personal information) via Our Site.

Aptic works to protect the confidentiality and security of information it obtains in the course of its business. Access to such information is limited and policies and procedures are in place, designed to safeguard the information from loss, misuse and improper disclosure.

Transfer of personal information
Aptic will only disclose your personal information to third parties that have agreed in writing to provide an adequate level of privacy protection.

Controlling your personal information
Aptic does not collect or compile personal information obtained by Our Site for dissemination or sale to outside parties for consumer marketing purposes or host mailings on behalf of third parties.

Third-party links
Please be aware that our site sometimes contains links to other sites that are not governed by this privacy statement. Visitors to Our Site may be directed to third-party sites for more information, such as about our events, vendor services, non-profits, and social networks.

Aptic makes no representations or warranties regarding how your information is stored or used on third-party servers. We recommend that you review the privacy statement of each third-party site linked from Our Site to determine their use of your personal information.


Our Site uses cookies to improve performance and to enhance your browsing experience. Certain areas of Our Site also use cookies to understand more about your browsing patterns while visiting the website, in order to offer you an optimal browsing experience.

What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is technology that allows Our Site to store tokens of information (an ‘identifier’) in your browser used only by Our Site while you are on Our Site. Cookies are not used to determine the personal identity of anyone who is merely visiting Our Site. They serve to help us track traffic patterns which help us improve the website and its content.

How do I disable cookies?
If you do not want to receive a cookie from Our Site, you have the option of setting your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, so that you may determine whether to accept it or not. Third party cookies can be disabled by using the “Settings” link in the cookie information bar the first time you visit Our Site. 

What cookies do we use?

The cookies used by Our Site perform four functions, as classified below:

Essential/Strictly Necessary Cookies
Some cookies we use are essential to the functioning of Our Site. For example, remembering your log-in details or contact form details. These cookies also remember your cookie preferences in cookie settings.

Performance Cookies
Some cookies help us with the performance and design of Our Site. 

Statistics Cookies
Our Site uses trusted third-party services for statistics about visitors, and will collect anonymized information about you, including but not limited to:

  • your location
  • what device operative system and web browser you use to visit the website
  • where you came from to visit the website (if you clicked a link on another website or on social media)
  • what you’ve clicked on while visiting the website
  • how long you stay on this website
  • if you are a new or returning visitor

These cookies can be disabled by using Settings as described above, and if you choose to do so, the statistics script will not load.

Social Media Platforms
You may wish to participate in the various blogs, forums and other social media platforms hosted by Aptic (“Social Media Platforms”) which we make available to you. The main aim of these Social Media Platforms is to facilitate and allow you to share content. However, Aptic cannot be held responsible if you share personal information on Social Media Platforms that is subsequently used, misused or otherwise appropriated by another user.

Aptic may also provide links to other social media platforms maintained on separate servers by individuals or organizations over which Aptic has no control. Aptic makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or any other aspect of the information located on such servers.

A link to a third party’s website should not be construed as an endorsement by either Aptic or that third party of the other or its products and services. Aptic makes no representations or warranties regarding how user data is stored or used on third-party servers. We recommend reviewing the privacy statement of each third-party site linked from Our Site to determine their use of your personal information.

Changes to this privacy statement
Aptic may change this privacy statement as needed. If changes to the statement are made, please note that it may take up to 30 business days before new privacy practices are implemented. Check this page periodically if you would like to monitor changes.

Aptic gives you choices regarding the collection and usage of your personal information. If you have registered for any Aptic related updates and do not wish to receive future e-mails, please visit our unsubscribe page within the application you registered.

Complaints and contact us.
If you are concerned about an alleged breach of privacy law or any other regulation by Aptic, you can contact your usual Aptic representative. If you have questions or you do not feel that your concerns have been addressed in this privacy statement, feel free to contact us