The latest generation debt collection solution

In the Debt collection industry, it’s always vital to have automated solutions that support complex processes that enable flexibility, effectiveness, and at the same time, follow regulations in each country that the business operates. Aptic Collect solution handles the complete value chain and supports different forms of collection businesses: in-house collection, third-party collection (3PC), purchased debt, and debt surveillance.

Four business modules for Collect

Purchased debt

Aptic Collect solution has the full support and automates workflow for debt sale and debt purchase as a fundamental component in the debt recovery process.

3PC - Third Party Collection

As a debt collection company, you can trust the Aptic solution to support the full collection process. In the basic set up, you can use and adjust action workflows, and letter templates are prepared for the fundamental processes in handling reminders.  The solution also includes set-ups for managing debt restructuring, estates of deceased persons, and bankruptcy, as well as late proof of claim.

Debt Surveillance

With Aptic Collect solution, you can reduce losses and administration through debt surveillance by keeping the debts active until they are paid. The solution supports you in monitoring all of the processes associated with debt surveillance.

In-house Collection

Aptic Collect has full support for your in-house debt collection process with a possibility to set your own process or use the build-in efficient operations for the entire chain.

Aptic Solution Invoice to cash

Scalable and flexible solution for large volumes of invoices

  • Accounts receivable administration – the customer’s way
  • Scalable and flexible for high volumes
  • Simple integration to other systems
Aptic Solution Debt Collection

An end-to-end debt collection process with high level of automation

  • Effective process automatisation
  • Dynamic workflows
  • User-friendly interface