Streamline your debt collection management with the latest generation debt collection solution

Aptic Collect solution is the latest generation debt collection platform, developed to provide the most excellent possible flexibility in collection administration. The solution covers end-to-end processing with a high level of automation from amicable collection to debt surveillance. The entire collection process after the invoice falls due is handled, with legal processes and post-monitoring, and is just as useful for a representative that handles client receivables as for the collection of one’s own receivables.

Covers the entire collection process after the invoice falls due, with legal procedures and post-monitoring.

If you are active in the debt collection industry, you know how important it is to have automated solutions that support complex processes. When you get more flexibility and efficiency, while the solution follows the rules and regulations in your area, you can run a better debt collection business. Aptic Collect covers end-to-end processing and supports several different forms of debt collection. The platform is just as useful for a representative that handles client receivables as for the supply of one’s receivables.

The platform that can handle all forms of debt collection​

Aptic Collect is the latest generation flexible debt collection solution. No matter what form of debt collection you work with, the solution supports your needs and processes. Our software solution is designed for all kinds of companies, regardless of size. The flexibility of the platform allows you to adapt it to your needs quickly. With a high degree of automation, you get more efficient debt collection processes.

Aptic's debt collection solution in short

In the movie below, Aptic’s application consultant Frida Green explains how CLVR Debt Collection works. 

Handle all forms of debt collection

Purchased debt

Get full support and an automated workflow for debt sale and debt purchase as a fundamental component in the debt recovery process. Complex processes become more manageable, and you get more flexibility in your business.

3PC - Third Party Collection

Aptic’s solution supports your entire debt collection process. Set up and adjust workflows for actions, create letter templates, and basic procedures for handling reminders. Get smooth handling of debt restructuring, estate and bankruptcy, and late proof of claims. In addition, have the ability to monitor the status of other debts.

Debt Surveillance

With Aptic Collect, you can reduce losses and administration through debt surveillance by keeping the debts active until they are paid. This reduces your credit losses and your administration. Get better control of all your processes.

In-house Collection​

Set up your own internal debt collection process or use the efficient built-in operations for the entire chain. Collecting your debt collection cases yourself means that you can provide a better service for your customers; this allows you to create better relationships that reduce future debt collection cases.

Automated and easy to use

The latest generation debt collection solution gives you automation of your processes and a better user experience. Free up time and reduce errors with efficient process automation. Aptic’s debt collection solution has process flows and letter templates for the necessary processes in collection administration.

  • Set up your own settings for the initial collection process, the legal handling at the enforcement service or in court, and ensuring enforcement.
  • Let the solution handle debt restructuring, estate, and bankruptcy as well as post-monitoring.
  • Present and report debts, fees, commissions, and other measurable variables in the way that you want. Both internally and to the client.

… more benefits of Aptic’s debt collection solution 

Reduce manual work with dynamic workflows

Aptic Collect covers end-to-end processing from amicable collection to debt surveillance. It bases on dynamic workflows, a high level of process automation, and flexible campaign support. The solution also provides a simple, intuitive web interface for the client and debtor, which creates a better environment for all stakeholders.

Create your own contact register and get more control

Aptic’s solution gives you the possibility to have your own authority and contact register comprising courts, the enforcement service, the police, tax offices, municipalities, social welfare committees, and more. The solution also provides client-specific configurations and extensive reporting capabilities.

Get a better user experience and secure payments

Simple workflows and automation of time-consuming processes free up resources and help you become more efficient. You and your employees get more time for the debtors, which may be what is needed to secure the payment.

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Wasa Kredit

“We used to have our own software, but thanks to Aptic we can focus on our core business and avoid having to deal with many tough regulatory updates. Aptic’s collect solution has many functions and is very transparent, making it easy to integrate with both customers and other systems.”

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