Payment and credit solutions for in-store and webshops

For the Commerce industry, it can be beneficial to offer access to credit, invoice payment, and financing options at the point of sale within retail and e-commerce. The offer can be a powerful business-generating tool for companies. The Aptic software solution enables you to achieve these business values by offering and administrating loans and credits. Sales financing is a win-win for both the business and the end-customer.

  • More sales
  • Allows customers to purchase items of greater cost
  • Provides a positive company image to customers
  • Improves cash flow
  • Recruits and retains customers
  • Widens your customer base
Aptic Solution E-com

Payment solutions and credit management for commerce 24/7 

  • Omnichannel payment solution and commerce 24/7
  • Support for various credit-, and part payments and notifications
  • Create unique business processes and integrations