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for the financial services industry

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Innovative and sustainable fintech solutions - in one single platform

Aptic’s software solutions are developed in cooperation with our clients, driven by specific business demands and the need to meet the challenges our customers face in their daily work. They are flexible, innovative, and at the forefront of today’s technology development. It is possible to use only one of the solution or combine several together.

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Provide different loan types in one single platform
  • Accounts for lending, deposit, and revolving credit
  • Notifications through channels of your choice


User-friendly and flexible factoring software with streamlined risk management
  • Easy and fast onboarding for your customer
  • Handle most factoring types; invoice discounting, invoice purchase and administration, etc.

Buy now pay later

Buy Now Pay Later solution and credit management for commerce  24/7
  • Omnichannel payment solution and commerce 24/7
  • Support for various credit-, part payments, and notifications

Invoice to cash

Scalable and flexible solution for large volumes of invoices
  • Accounts receivable administration – the customer’s way
  • Scalable and flexible for high volumes

Debt collection

Supports the end-to-end debt collection process with a high level of automation
  • Proven solution that supports all kinds of debt collection
  • Dynamic workflows


Leasing solution to support your equipment and vendor leasing company
  • Financial, operational, and purchase hire leasing capabilities
  • Supports the entire leasing process

Sectors we work in

Aptic is a trusted software vendor and business partner supporting everything from small local companies to large international enterprises. Our clients can be found within the financial services sector, including banking, factoring, debt recovery, e-commerce, lending, and others.

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Aptic offers a core banking software solution that is flexible and adaptable to your needs. One single platform supports different corporate and retail banking solutions, supply chain financing, savings, lending, and leasing. Open APIs make it easy to integrate other systems to create an even more powerful platform for your continuous growth.

E-commerce and retail

For the Commerce industry, it can be beneficial to offer access to credit, invoice payment, and financing options at the point of sale within retail and e-commerce. The offer can be a powerful business-generating tool for companies. Aptic’s software solution enables you to achieve these business values by offering and administrating loans and credits. Sales financing is a win-win for both the business and the end-customer.

Debt Collection

In the Debt collection industry, it’s always vital to have automated solutions that support complex processes that enable flexibility, effectiveness, and at the same time, follow regulations in each country that the business operates. Aptic’s Collect solution handles the complete value chain and supports different forms of collection businesses: in-house collection, third-party collection (3PC), purchased debt, and debt surveillance.

Asset-Based Financing

Aptic’s software supports different asset-based financing forms, such as export financing, supply chain financing, factoring, and leasing. A smart and automated business rule engine mitigates the portfolio’s risk and streamlines the risk assessment process. In addition to trends and graphs, traditional reporting gives the asset-based lender complete control and enables extensive analysis.

Telco & Utilities

To acquire, engage, and retain customers in the Telecommunications and Utility industry, it has become essential to deliver personalised, consistent, and superior multi-channel customer experiences, including the invoicing process. Aptic software solution to manage a large number of invoices makes it possible for clients to deliver a customised, user-friendly customer journey.


Aptic’s Leasing software is designed for equipment and vendor leasing companies and handles different forms of leasing, from financial and operational leasing to hire/purchase leasing. It will support your current leasing solution and the change to a sustainable circular business model. Through open APIs, connection to other supporting systems inside and outside your IT environment is smooth.

Download our white papers

In our white papers, we cover hot topics in the financial services sector.

Among other things, you can read more about trends and tools in modern business financing and how credit expansion affects the lending industry in Europe.

Focus on your business opportunities and let us handle the technology

Aptic platforms, ARC, and Cloudware, are used by over 100 customers today. The solutions are solid, user-friendly, and create value and profitability for the customer through a high level of digitalisation and enable continuous product innovation. Below you can read what some of our customers say about us.