Streamline your invoicing routines to reduce credit times and improve liquidity

The solution manages the entire Invoice-to-cash process by streamlining and automating the accounts receivable process resulting in significant savings in time and resources. With Aptic, you get a modern accounts receivable solution that can handle large volumes of invoices and transactions. Processes can be automated and finetuned to the smallest detail. The software solution is designed to provide you with maximum flexibility to fit your business needs.

With a scalable and flexible solution for large volumes of invoices,
you get more time for business

Invoicing can be fun, but administering the invoicing process can be tedious. It is a time-consuming process that takes resources that could use for better things. With a platform that manages the entire invoicing process and more efficient handling of accounts receivable and automated business processes, you get more time for other things. Aptic invoice to cash lets you finetune your processes down to the smallest detail, and you can decide how automated the workflow should be. Get maximum flexibility that makes your customers feel unique.

Our software solution is designed for all kinds of companies, regardless of size. The flexibility of the platform allows you to adapt needs quickly. With a high degree of automation, you get more efficient invoice process.

The benefits of Aptic’s invoice to cash software​

Value your customers

If you want to attract, retain, and engage your customers, vital that you can deliver a personal and consistent customer experience in multiple channels, especially in the invoicing process. With a flexible solution that allows you to handle large volumes of invoices, you can create a tailored and user-friendly customer journey.

Personal customer relationships

Integration with your customer’s systems enables you to create automated updates of customer and item registers, import new invoices, and export accounting entries. It will be a more straightforward process for you, and you can give your customers a better and more personalized service. Strengthen your relationship and do more business together.

Free up resources with automation

Suppose you handle a large volume of invoices, for example. In that case, if you are in the utility or telecommunications industry, you know how much there is to gain from streamlining the invoicing processes. When you automate your invoicing, it will lead to:

  • Fewer errors. Invoice documentation will be correct all through the process. Satisfaction will increase all around, and you save time when you don’t have to check and correct during the process.
  • Increased revenue. A faster process reduces the time from invoicing to payment.
  • Time and resources saved. An automated solution that can handle large volumes of invoices quickly and efficiently frees up time up that you can use for more creative and profitable tasks.
  • Happy customers. Fewer errors, better information, and faster routines provide a better customer experience. Make invoicing a pleasure for everyone involved.

The solution that gives you more power

Aptic invoice to cash is a scalable and flexible solution for large volumes of invoices. It allows you to streamline your invoicing and accounts receivable processes and unleashes the full potential of your business. The solution will give you:

  • Functions such as dynamic reminder management, several campaign options etc. You also get multiple distribution and communication choices (paper/print, SMS, e-invoice, email).
  • Support for recurring invoicing, like subscription, rental, insurance, member alerts, and contracts billing. You decide intervals, as well as the items and amount to be invoiced.
  • The opportunity to handle payment flows and payment matching on your behalf.
  • Integration to other systems, like a debt collection solution.
  • The possibility to change the layout, like in letters and layouts, exports to accounting in a standard format, or according to defined account structure.
  • A modern way to handle large volumes of invoices and transactions, your own or your customers’, so that you will get more time for other things.

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“We regard Aptic as a business partner. We generally enter into projects as cooperating partners, rather than having a conventional customer-supplier relationship. Aptic has been a major factor in our success and the rapid expansion we have experienced. We are delighted.”

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