A Factoring Software tailored to suit your needs

If you offer factoring, you know the importance of optimised processes, efficient risk management, and a flexible solution that can adapt to your specific needs. Aptic’s factoring software gives you the freedom and control needed to create optimal conditions for your business. On your terms.

Choose a factoring platform adaptable to your needs

Aptic has extensive experience of factoring software. We know that different companies have different needs. So our platform CLVR is flexible and adaptable to your business and handles all types of factoring products; accounts receivable financing, invoice purchasing, reverse factoring, and invoice administration. Whether you provide all these factoring services or just one, the system handles it all. To put it simply; Aptic has the complete solution for your factoring needs.

Our software solution is designed for all kinds of companies, regardless of size. The flexibility of the platform allows you to adapt it to your needs quickly. With a high degree of automation, you get more efficient factoring processes.

The benefits of Aptic’s factoring software​

Optimized processes

Advanced action flows and parameters give you complete control of credit terms, recourse, and purchasing charges. And with the help of automation and built-in reports for follow-up, you get more efficient factoring processes.

Streamlined risk management

Built-in integration with your credit information provider gives you a faster and safer credit assessment, risk management, and monitoring of the basis for borrowing.

Always up to date factoring software

The factoring ledger is updated in real-time so that you always have up-to-date information on the invoices and their life cycle. Each client has their own accounts where you can measure debt precisely and which invoices are covered.

Client Web

The Client Web provides your clients access to their funding facilities from anywhere and in real-time. The web has a clear dashboard and provides your clients with access to ledger management and reports. 

User friendly and modern interface

With a fresh new interface designed by experienced UX designers and developed with the user in mind, we can guarantee a user experience above average. A clear dashboard and analysis views make the information easily accessible when you need it.

Adaptable and scalable factoring software

CLVR is a scalable solution. Adapt it to your needs and get precisely the support that will improve efficiency. You also have the option of connecting the system to other services. It allows you to offer better service and get more substantial results. Why settle for less?

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Collector Bank

“We would not have managed the volume of invoices we have today if we had not used an excellent solution.”

Read the full testimonial from Collector Bank here

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