Offer better leasing with a complete solution that supports the entire leasing process

The market is moving towards new and more sustainable solutions; new business models based on renting, leasing, and subscriptions instead of purchases. Aptic’s answer is a leasing platform that manages the entire leasing process for you and your customers.

The platform will support your sustainable circular business model. It can handle both financial and operational leasing. Work more efficiently today at the same time as you future-proof your business.

Get more power and flexibility in your leasing processes​

You need a solid foundation to stand on. Aptic’s leasing solution supports the core processes in your leasing products. You get all the power you need to be able to help your customers in the best possible way. The solution comes with a high degree of flexibility, and it can easily be configured and adapted according to your specific needs and requests.

  • Open API’s make it easy to connect to other supporting systems inside and outside your IT environment.
  • Offers web solutions for your customers and dealers but can also connect to existing web solutions.
  • Get more power and more functions through connections to equipment/product database and external providers to support processes like KYC/AML or digital signing.

Our software solution is designed for all kinds of companies, regardless of size. The flexibility of the platform allows you to adapt it to your needs quickly. With a degree of automation, you get more efficient accounting processes and full control over your leasing processes.

The benefits of Aptic’s leasing solution

Get the ability to help others grow

Being able to use leasing is a way for businesses to grow without making costly investments. When they don’t have to tie up capital and credit, they will find it easier to budget and focus on their core business. Your leasing services can help others succeed. When you have the right support for your leasing processes, you can give others better support to grow.

With the right leasing solution, you get the technology to give the users what they need, today and in the future. At the same time, you can simplify your administrative routines and reduce your support needs. With a powerful, complete leasing solution, you unleash the full power and potential of both your own business and of your customers’.

Get the support you need for the entire leasing process

Aptic leasing manages your entire leasing process. You can extend the platform to support your entire range of Asset Based Finance solutions, like factoring, debt collection, and lending. The platform can also be used to enable your current ERP platform with advanced leasing solutions capabilities.

  • The goal: To completely digitize the leasing process to create the best possible customer experience.
  • The tool: The CLVR platform that can handle object management, pricing calculation, contract management, ledger support, and the full credit management cycle.

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Wasa Kredit

“We used to have our own software, but thanks to Aptic we can focus on our core business and avoid having to deal with many tough regulatory updates. Aptic’s collect solution has many functions and is very transparent, making it easy to integrate with both customers and other systems.”

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