About Aptic

Welcome to Aptic – a Northern European fintech company! We are a passionate team driven by a common mission: to shape the financial landscape of the future through innovative and sustainable solutions. Our versatile platform covers everything from credit solutions for e-commerce and POS to ledger services, factoring, lending/deposits, leasing and debt collection, making us an essential partner for the financial sector.

Since our start in 2001, Aptic has turned visions into reality with our dedicated team of around 70 talented individuals. Spread across our offices in Stockholm, Skövde, Oslo and The Hague, we work hand-in-hand to create groundbreaking solutions that not only change the rules of the game but also raise the bar for the industry.

With clients spanning across Northern Europe, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner. We work where innovation and professionalism meet to shape a sustainable future in the financial sector.


We take you on a journey back to the 80s, a time when two young visionaries, Fredrik Ekengren and Joakim Rickardsson, from the small community of Skövde, started their adventure in programming. It all started in their school's computer labs, where their passion for code blossomed and took them on a journey that would shape the future of an entire industry.


Soon enough, their talent was recognised and they were handpicked by a leading company in the debt collection industry. Day and night they devoted themselves to their passion, developing and coding software that would revolutionise the management of debt collection. Their solutions quickly became popular with established companies and spread across the industry.


Even though the capital city offered opportunities, Fredrik and Joakim remained loyal to their hometown. In each case, new ideas began to take shape. Their shared vision to change the industry always burned within them. They endeavoured to create systems that not only outperformed the competition, but completely redefined the norm in the financial industry. And two separate businesses, Asitis and Aptic, were developed.


Today, two individual journeys have become a joint journey at the forefront of system development. Aptic's vision extends beyond the Nordic region and the ambition is to become a market leader not only in Europe, but worldwide.

ISO 27001

The company obtained the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate in 2022. This is the international standard for managing risks related to the security of information and data held by organisations. The standard ensures that customer and employee data is stored securely and complies with legal requirements such as GDPR.


The company also launched the new CLVR platform, using the latest technology to provide a cloud-ready and API-driven platform. Private/public clouds, Kubernetes virtualisation, a common API engine and context-driven search are just some of the features of the CLVR platform. Completion with our Aptic AddOn product range is also possible, which can optimise the platform through intelligent solutions.


Today, we are constantly looking ahead. Thinking years ahead is part of the company's DNA. Together, everyone shares a common belief that innovation is the key to success.