New challenges in modern business financing

The world of financial services is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Gone are the days when innovation came only from the big banks. The shift to digitized and disruptive solutions is irreversible and received an extra boost during the coronavirus crisis. Specialized financial service providers are responding to these needs with flexible and digitized solutions in the fields of factoring, collection, lending, leasing, and deferred payments (Buy Now, Pay Later).

This complex playing field requires a great deal of capacity and flexibility from both established competitors in financial services and young fintechs.

So the main challenges in modern business finance are:

How do you shorten your time to market?
• How do you lower the total cost of ownership?
• How do you adapt to new rules and regulations in the digital marketplace?
• And how do you speed up the digitization of your business operations?

This whitepaper explores the relevant trends and business challenges that we are currently seeing in the financial sector. Its purpose is to provide insights that can be applied to the development of new forms of financial  services and new technologies that can help you overcome challenges associated with the entry of big tech players into the financial ecosystem.

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