Trends and tools in modern business financing


What impact do trends, and new technologies have on the world of credit management? This whitepaper answers that question (and more).

Changes in the market, the broad developments in the field of digitization, and increasing requirements from laws and regulations lead to several key challenges for the financial sector. If you, as a provider of financial services, are to be able to respond adequately to these economic, technological, and regulatory trends, you need to find answers to a number of questions.

  1. What steps do I still have to take towards an optimal customer journey?
  2. How do I speed up my innovation process?
  3. How do I have to adjust my operation in order to continue to comply with the laws and regulations?


With the foundation in order in a digital sense, opportunities arise for new forms of services and financing. With a thoroughly automated process for onboarding, credit scoring, case handling etc. you can serve a much wider market and generate additional growth. It also creates a pathway to new forms of cooperation in the chain with suppliers, which allows you to grow further.

In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at the relevant trends and challenges that are currently happening in the field of financial service providers. But we also look at the ways in which you could apply them when developing new forms of services for the future.

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