How a well-defined scope leads to maximum value

The Swedish tech company Capway needed a smart and customisable factoring solution. With the help of our digital platform Aptic CLVR, they can now better provide their customers with financial services such as invoicing, contract financing, debt collection, and invoice administration. Below you can read a bit more about what this business partnership will mean for Capway and its customers.

Capway relies on the Aptic platform for invoice purchasing, contract financing, and debt collection

Capway is a Swedish financial technology startup that provides access to finance and helps companies grow through invoice purchasing, contract financing, and debt collection, among other things. The Aptic CLVR (formerly ARC) platform was the logical choice for co-founder Alexander D’Afflitto to roll out this service. “It’s a really solid solution that can be tailored to our needs and those of our customers,” he says.

Alexander D’Afflitto has been active in the world of accounts receivable and debt collection for more than 20 years. During this time, he’s facilitated the growth of several fintech companies. In 2008 he founded Capway. “An important aspect of our business is invoice purchasing and contract financing. With our solutions, we help companies that are looking for greater cash flow to grow their business.”

A digital platform with a factoring solution and customisation possibilities

“Aptic’s platform is the technological core of the services we offer our customers,” explains D’Afflitto. “One of the great advantages is that you can decide for yourself which parts of the platform you want to integrate into your solution, and in this way, you can create your own processes, which you can also personalise even further, without changing the core of the software. That makes Aptic’s tools extremely scalable and flexible.”

D’Afflitto points to the integration options as an example of personalisation opportunities. “We can integrate our own import and export formats to and from the invoicing platform. If the customer uses a standard other than Aptic’s, that standard can be retained. You can also set up a business process with customised rules on top of the standard process, such as an additional friendly reminder for example.”

Once you’ve defined your focus, you can rest assured that Aptic will seamlessly align its platform with your requirements.

Close cooperation and co-creation

Since Aptic’s platform is the backbone of Capway’s operations, a streamlined implementation process was crucial. “I helped lead the rollout of the Aptic platform at five of the companies where I worked in the past,” says D’Afflitto. “That experience was certainly worthwhile, but it’s not something you really need to work with the platform. The great thing is that the Aptic team makes every effort to accurately map out the scope of your project. For the customer, it mainly comes down to clearly describing your needs. Once you’ve defined your focus, you can rest assured that Aptic will seamlessly align its platform with your requirements.”

When Capway partnered with Aptic, D’Afflitto quickly discovered that the company walks hand in hand with its clients. “The contract financing aspect was not yet an element on the platform at the time,” he says. “Although we also contacted a more specialised player, we chose Aptic because of the excellent experience we’d had with other invoicing features in the past. We worked out a custom solution together — we defined our specs, and Aptic converted them into a great solution.”

A digital platform that is secure and reliable

Aptic is also very familiar with the dynamics of the third-party layer. “We work with the invoices of our customers, who in turn also have their own customers,” D’Afflitto says. “This poses challenges in the areas of compliance, GDPR, and data security. It’s good to know that Aptic’s software also covers those aspects.” Another important requirement is, of course, operational reliability. “When we were negotiating the agreement with Aptic, of course, we discussed downtime. The fact that I never had to check exactly what downtime we’d agreed upon afterward shows that you can expect continuity. The time to market was what we were promised.”

Finally, we asked D’Afflitto for some tips for companies that want to implement the Aptic platform. “The most important thing is that you get to know the platform and its possibilities,” he says. “Clearly define your needs so that you get maximum value from the platform. Also, take the training courses Aptic provides, and don’t hesitate to ask their expert consultants for advice!”

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About Capway

Capway offers Invoicing management, Reminder, and Debt collection services as well as financing to large and small companies. The team consists of owners and employees who have vast experience in production, customer care, and debt management in all business areas.

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