Navigating the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

As the financial landscape continues to evolve in an increasingly digital world, regulators are adapting to ensure operational resilience. The upcoming Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) stands as a pivotal regulatory framework aimed at enhancing the stability and security of the financial sector within the European Union (EU).

DORA emphasizes the importance of robust digital operational practices to safeguard financial stability and protect consumers. Financial players are expected to comply with stringent standards to mitigate risks associated with operational failures, cyber threats, and technology disruptions. DORA includes key provisions regarding, amongst others, operational resilience, ICT risk management, third-party service providers and incident reporting.

While the implementation of DORA is set to commence in January 2025, a significant number of companies have considerable ground to cover in readiness for DORA compliance. Executing the necessary measures may prove time-consuming, particularly in cases where deficiencies exist within the company’s current processes and systems.


Aptic CLVR platform and DORA

Our comprehensive suite of services on the CLVR platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your organization’s operational framework, ensuring full compliance with DORA’s stringent requirements.

Aptic incorporates DORA into its operations, aligning with the ISO 27001 standard and adhering to key regulatory guidelines. Holding an ISO 27001 certification for some years, Aptic is committed to fulfilling the strict information security criteria set by the professional standard, and regularly updates its procedures and routines to comply with the relevant aspects of DORA. This integration includes continuous evaluations and annual audits aimed at enhancing the support provided to Aptic’s customers’ businesses. Aptic’s strategy for managing ICT risks expands to identification, protection, prevention, detection, response, and recovery, following established industry norms and incorporating strategies like disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

As a crucial third-party provider under DORA, Aptic upholds strict compliance standards, regularly updating its practices to keep pace with legislation on ICT risk management. Aptic actively monitors the DORA application process to ensure compliance, emphasizing a forward-thinking approach to regulatory conformance and service quality, proactively meeting DORA at its application date.

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