Aptic Solution Lending

Provide different loan types in
one single platform

Aptics lending software solution handles accounts for deposits, revolving credits, unsecured loans, and loans with collateral for clients or on one’s behalf. Account administration can be tailored to the needs of the business. The process flows, parameter settings, and service definitions automate processes and provide the opportunity to set up the account types and flows, unique to each client. The flexibility and degree of automation are further increased with integration with, for instance, suppliers of credit rating information, printers, proprietary systems, etc.

Flexible and adaptable to your needs

Deposits, revolving credits, unsecured loans, and loans with collaterals, all can be handled in one single platform. Through parameters, you set up the system to suit your needs, i.e., limits, minimum and maximum amounts, credit limits, number of free withdrawals, and interest calculation, etc.

Extensive reporting abilities

Transaction statistics, credit risks, balances, fees, commissions, and other measurable variables can be presented and reported both to the client and internally. Reports can be printed directly, routed to a specific printer, or made available to the client on the web interface.

Notifications through channels of your choice

The notification procedure may include direct debit, SMS reminders, phone actions, etc. It is also possible to use integration solutions with a credit rating agency to improve the efficiency of phone number retrieval, address checks, and credit checks.

Promentor Finans

“Aptic are notable for receptiveness and professionalism, and they have natural flexibility as the software solution is built that way. It’s a complete solution that supports the whole chain of our operation.”

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