Aptic Solution Leasing

Full leasing solution to support your equipment and vendor leasing

  • Financial, operational and purchase hire leasing capabilities
  • Supports the entire leasing process
  • Open platform and integration with other internal and external systems via API connections

Leasing and the circular society

Aptic ARC platform supports many forms of leasing, from financial and operational leasing to hire/purchase leasing. The platform will support your current leasing solutions and support the change to a sustainable circular business model. It has a high degree of flexibility and is very configurable to your specific needs and wishes.

Supports the entire leasing process

Aptic’s solution is an independent leasing platform that manages the full leasing process and can be extended to support your entire range of Asset Based Finance solutions. The platform can also be used to enable your current ERP platform or any other platform with advanced leasing solutions capabilities. The core operation for object management, pricing calculation, contract management, ledger support, and full credit management cycle can be performed in ARC or with a separate front end solution. Our goal is to fully digitalize the leasing process and provide the best possible customer journey.

Open platform

Aptic’s leasing software solution supports the core processes of your leasing products. The leasing solution can easily be connected to other supporting systems inside and outside your IT environment. Connections to equipment/product database and external providers to support processes like KYC/AML or digital signing are made via API connections. Aptic offer web solutions for your customers and dealers, but can also connect to existing web solutions. Aptic leasing will digitalise and simplify your leasing solutions to the next level.

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