Aptic Solution Invoice to cash

Scalable and flexible solution for large volumes of invoices

The solution manages the entire Invoice-to-cash process by streamline accounts receivable method, save time and resources by automating the business processes. You get a modern accounts receivable solution that can handle large volumes of invoices and transactions — your own or those of your customers — and where you can tailor processes and degree of automation down to the smallest detail. The software solution is designed to provide you with maximum flexibility to offer results that make your customers feel unique.

Accounts receivable administration — the customer’s way

In the solution, each client’s accounts receivable contains detailed information about customers, items, bank accounts, and own chart of accounts. The solution is also able to handle payment flows and payment matching on your behalf. Integration with your customer’s systems enables you to create automated updates of customer and item registers, importing of new invoices and exporting of accounting entries.

Scalable and flexible for high volumes

The pricing model is accommodating according to requirements and volumes. The solution includes functions as dynamic reminder management, several campaign options, choice of distribution, communication (paper/print, SMS, e-invoice, email), and support for recurring invoicing, e.g., subscription, rental, insurance, member alerts, and contracts billing. You decide intervals, as well as the items and amount to be invoiced.

Simple integration to other systems

The solution supports third-party invoice and sales ledger services. Other functions are the support of changes in letters and layouts, exports to accounting in a standard format, or according to defined account structure. You can also choose to integrate a debt collection solution.


“We regard Aptic as a business partner. We generally enter into projects as cooperating partners, rather than having a conventional customer-supplier relationship. Aptic has been a major factor in our success and the rapid expansion we have experienced. We are delighted.”

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