Aptic Solution Factoring

User-friendly and flexible factoring software with streamlined risk management

At Aptic, we have a genuine background when it comes to factoring systems, and we are today Scandinavias’ leading provider of software solutions for the industry. To cater to your needs and create the best possible conditions for your business, regardless of if you have a start-up or an already established company and want to grow, Aptic can offer two different platforms:

  • Cloudware – the market’s newest cloud-based platform for you offering factoring.
  • Aptic ARC – a full-fledged factoring system, super flexible and adaptable to your needs

Pay as you use

The business model of Cloudware allows you to start small (or big!) as you pay for the data you use, instead of an initial license fee. It is easy and uncomplicated to grow with Cloudware. Aptic will continually monitor the health and speed of the system to, in time, meet your needs and ensure that disk space or processing power is scaled up when needed.

Extensive connectivity through API’s

Aptic Cloudware is built on services communicating through APIs. Data access is exclusively managed through APIs, based on the user’s permission. This way, Cloudware offers excellent opportunities for integrations with other solutions such as Power BI or a data warehouse. It also makes it possible to build completely customized interfaces as well as functionalities. You, as a user, can also create completely customized solutions for i.e., imports, exports, or reports.

User-friendly and modern interface

The user experience is essential in Cloudware. Sophisticated interfaces and active feedback enable easy follow-up on ongoing Cloudware activities and how your business is developing. Intuitive dashboards and analyze-views provide you and your clients with real-time data at any time.

The modern interface includes a phenomenal search function, an excellent overview of the invoices, and Dropzone, an easy way to import invoices without any previous mapping or manual handling.


Full-fledged Factoring software

Invoice to Cash, invoice discounting, accounts receivable financing, and reverse factoring – ARC can handle it all. Whether you provide all these asset-based financing services or maybe just one, the solution is flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs.

Streamline your risk management

Optimise the processes in Aptic Finance/ARC further through advanced action flows for the control of credit terms, recourse, and purchasing charges. You can streamline credit assessment, risk management, and monitoring of the basis for borrowing through built-in integration with your credit information provider.

Real time data

The factoring ledger is updated in real-time so that you always have up-to-date information. The level of borrowing can be adapted to each client in relation to security, credit limits, and borrowing thresholds. Reservation for accrued interest and charges is made automatically in calculating the scope for borrowing.

SG Finans

“The collaboration with Aptic has grown, and they have been professional in the project, allowing us to quickly reach the market with smart solutions. They have delivered with competence throughout the process.”

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