A Factoring Solution tailored to suit your needs

If you offer factoring, you know how important it is to have optimised processes, efficient risk management, and a flexible solution that can adapt to your specific needs. Aptic’s factoring software gives you the freedom and control you need to create the best possible conditions for your business. On your terms.

Choose a factoring platform according to your needs

Have you just started and are looking for a solution that can grow with you? Or are you established and want a robust system that can adapt to your needs?

Aptic has a long experience of factoring systems. We know that different companies have different needs. That is why we offer two platforms.

  • Cloudware – The market’s newest cloud-based platform. The modern and scalable solution allows you to get started quickly and grow at your own pace. Cloudware handles invoice purchase and invoice administration with the newest technology in the market. It is a cutting-edge factoring solution.
  • Aptic ARC – The full-fledged factoring software, the flexible solution that can adapt to your specific needs; ARC gives you the power to handle Invoice to Cash, invoice discounting, accounts receivable financing, and reverse factoring. Whether you provide all these asset-based financing services or maybe just one, this is the complete solution for your factoring needs.

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Our software solution is designed for all kinds of companies, regardless of size. The flexibility of the platform allows you to adapt it to your needs quickly. With a high degree of automation, you get more efficient accounting processes and full control over your factoring processes.


Aptic Cloudware – the solution that allows you to grow

With the business model of Cloudware, you pay only for the data you use instead of an initial license fee. It allows you to get started quickly and grow at your own pace. Pay only for what you use – The scalable solution gives you control over your costs. Cloudware is the solution that grows together with you.

A cloud-based system is always up-to-date and secure. At the same time, it gives you ample opportunities when it comes to factoring.

Simple integration

Cloudware is built on services communicating through open APIs; it allows you to create integrations with other solutions, such as suppliers of credit rating information, Power BI, or a data warehouse. It also makes it possible for you to build wholly customised interfaces as well as functionalities. You, as a user, can also easily create completely customised solutions for imports, exports, reports etc.

User-friendly and modern interface

Intuitive dashboards and analyse-views provide you and your clients with real-time data at any time. Get the information you need when you need it. Sophisticated interfaces and active feedback enable easy follow-up on ongoing Cloudware activities and how your business is developing.

Fast onboarding of customers

The modern interface includes a phenomenal search function and an excellent overview of the invoices. Dropzone is an easy way to import invoices without any previous mapping or manual handling; a flexible way to quickly onboard the customer before the API or file communication set up, or for smaller volumes of invoices.

Always secure and updated

Use the services without having to think about the IT infrastructure. Aptic takes care of that part. We will continually monitor the health and speed of the system to meet your needs and ensure that disk space or processing power is scaled up when needed.


Pay only for what you use

The scalable solution gives you control over your costs. Grow at the pace you need without being limited by investment costs.


For you as a financial company, getting started will be straightforward and simple. We have also made it easier for you to onboard new customers smoothly. Besides, we work with agile and fast development cycles that enable us to implement new features and services at a rapid pace. Why settle for less?

Get started with Aptic Cloudware

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Analysis of needs

We analyze your needs and processes to create the best possible business advantage for you.

User and parameter set up

Together we set up users with the right access as well as parameters and possible integrations with other systems

Train and deploy

Time for training and review of all functions and possibilities. We also create an operational environment optimized for your business.

Customisations and development

Cloudware is continuously developed, and there are endless opportunities for customizations.


Aptic ARC – The full-fledged factoring solution

It doesn’t matter whether you provide a wide range of invoice financing services or just one. ARC can handle all your processes. The solution is flexible and can adapt to your specific needs.

Optimise your processes

Advanced action flows give you full control of credit terms, recourse, and purchasing charges. Get more efficient factoring processes with the help of automation and a connection to analysis tools such as Power BI for follow-up and reporting. 

Streamline risk management

Built-in integration with your credit information provider gives you a faster and safer credit assessment, risk management, and monitoring of the basis for borrowing.

Keep updated in real-time

The factoring ledger is updated in real-time so that you always have up-to-date information on the invoices and their life cycle. Each client has their own accounts where you can see exactly how much the debt amounts to and which invoices are covered.

Adapt and scale to your needs

ARC is a scalable solution. Adapt it to your needs and get precisely the support that will help you become more efficient. You also have the option of connecting the system to other services. It allows you to offer better service and get more substantial results.

Collector Bank

“We would not have managed the volume of invoices we have today if we had not used an excellent solution.”

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