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Offer your customers the best payment solution for your e-commerce!

Attract new customers and create a stronger relationship with your existing ones.

Offer a better customer experience with a customer-friendly solution for payments and financing. Aptic let you take control of your payment solution. Create better customer service while keeping your costs and business risks to a minimum. Better e-commerce for you and your customers!

A better customer experience leading to more satisfied customers

Shopping should be easy. A flexible payment process that gives customers options will make it simpler to make a purchase. A sound payment system that is easy to use both for you and your customers will provide a better customer experience. Satisfied customers will shop more, return, and they will recommend you to others. If you take care of your customers, they will take care of your business.

  • Give your customers options – offer them an invoice or installment payments, and other financing options. Give them freedom of choice, and they will feel the desire to buy.
  • Make it easier to shop in installments – let your customers apply directly using ElectronicID
  • Use financing offers as a powerful business-generating tool.
  • Maintain your customer relationships throughout the entire transaction. Get better control of your customer data. Create personal and unique offers that drive sales.
  • Increase your sales by enabling the customer to shop for higher amounts.

Komplett Bank

“We liked the architecture of the platform and saw the possibility of connecting the system with our strategic POS-finance concept. It was a great fit with how we wanted our financial solutions to be designed. And finally, Aptic has experience with transactional business models and the ability to meet high customer expectations, regarding availability and reliability. “

Take control of the payment process – increase your profit

Adapt the payment solution to your processes and meet customer needs

Commerce 24/7 for all your channels

Outsourcing the payment to a third party can cost you. With your own payment solution, you will get more control, and avoid costly fees on every purchase made. Customize the payment solution and get a better user experience with better margins.

 A wide range of API integration options let you connect it with other systems and solutions. 

A flexible payment solution is easy to adapt to your and your customers’ needs. The component-based architecture in Aptic’s solution allows you to tailor it to your business rules and processes. Get support for various credits and installments as well as notifications. Use the system’s flexibility and power to create unique business processes and integrations.

Aptic is the payment solution that works for you instead of the other way around.



Aptic’s payment solution used anywhere you interact with your customers:

  • In-store
  • On the website
  • Mobile
  • e-marketplaces

You get a flexible solution for payment and credit management for commerce. Around the clock. All-year-round. You can also scale it to manage shopping peaks like Christmas, Black Friday etc.

Aptic has created a market-leading platform for solutions in eCom payments and sales financing. Our payment solution handles payments through invoicing, e-invoicing, recurring costs and standing orders. But it also takes reminders, customer notifications and reporting to the general ledger, with a minimal response time. You can integrate it seamlessly into all your channels.

Try Aptic’s customer-friendly solution for credit payments today!

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