Aptic Solution Debt Collection

An end-to-end debt collection process with high level of automation

Aptic Collect solution is the latest generation debt collection platform, developed to provide the most excellent possible flexibility in collection administration. The solution covers end-to-end processing with a high level of automation from amicable collection to debt surveillance. The entire collection process after the invoice falls due is handled, with legal processes and post-monitoring, and is just as useful for a representative that handles client receivables as for the collection of one’s own receivables.

Four business modules for Collect

Purchased debt

Aptic Collect solution has the full support and automates workflow for debt sale and debt purchase as a fundamental component in the debt recovery process.

3PC - Third Party Collection

As a debt collection company, you can trust Aptic’s solution to support the full collection process. In the basic set up, you can use and adjust action workflows, and letter templates are prepared for the fundamental processes in handling reminders.  The solution also includes set-ups for managing debt restructuring, estates of deceased persons, and bankruptcy, as well as late proof of claim.

Debt Surveillance

With Aptic Collect solution, you can reduce losses and administration through debt surveillance by keeping the debts active until they are paid. The solution supports you in monitoring all of the processes associated with debt surveillance.

In-house Collection

Aptic Collect has full support for your in-house debt collection process with a possibility to set your own process or use the build-in efficient operations for the entire chain.

Effective process automatisation

The configuration includes process flows and letter templates prepared for the fundamental processes in collection administration. There are sets for the initial collection process, the legal handling at the enforcement service or in court, and ensuring enforcement. The solution also has functions like handle debt restructuring, estates, and bankruptcy as well as post-monitoring. Debts, fees, commissions, and other measurable variables can be presented and reported both to the client and internally.

Dynamic workflows

The solution covers end-to-end processing from amicable collection to debt surveillance. It’s built on dynamic workflows, a high level of process automation, and flexible campaign support. Aptic Collect includes the possibility to have an authority and contact register comprising courts, the enforcement service, the police, tax offices, municipalities, social welfare committees, and more. The solution provides client-specific configurations and extensive reporting capabilities.

User-friendly interface

The user experience in the application is crucial for you as a collector. Easy workflows and automation of time-consuming processes help you to be more efficient and freeing up resources. Your staff has more time for personal communication with debtors, which may be crucial to securing payment. The solution also provides a simple, intuitive web interface for the client and debtor, which creates business value for all stakeholders.

Wasa Kredit

“We used to have our own software, but thanks to Aptic we can focus on our core business and avoid having to deal with many tough regulatory updates. Aptic’s collect solution has many functions and is very transparent, making it easy to integrate with both customers and other systems.”

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