The Norwegian challenger Optin Bank creates solutions that focus on simplicity through more user-friendly, simple and clear solutions, both for e-commerce companies and consumers. Optin Bank is now launching a partnership with the fast-growing Fintech company Aptic AB, which develops innovative solutions for credit management.

Optin Bank has established itself as a player engaged in product and technology development, with innovative solutions based on the needs of customers and partners. Now, Optin Bank wants to challenge the established e-commerce financing solutions, which are often not intuitive and contain many steps before transactions can be completed. The goal is to tailor solutions based on customer interaction, ensuring that the solutions are user-friendly, simple, clear and functional for both consumers and e-commerce players.

“Our goal is to create financing and payment solutions that are easy for both consumers and e-commerce companies. Aptic has long experience with similar solutions and has proved willing to challenge the status quo, enabling us to meet our customers future needs together. The banking and financial markets are changing rapidly, based on consumer demands, expectations and availability of new technology, such as mobility and real-time data, “says Harald Dahl-Pedersen, CEO of Optin Bank.

“This partnership is exciting in many aspects, because the core of Aptic enables rapid development of products and services that drives the development of the market in the future. We see our role as a feasible innovator in the Fintech area, both in terms of time to market and innovation. Together with Optin, we can challenge and be challenged in an area where major changes are happening, “says Knut Eirik Storsul, CEO Aptic AB.

Optin Bank Harald Dahl-Pedersen, +47 915 93 189, hdp@optinbank.no
Aptic, Knut Eirik Storsul, +47 911 70456, knut.eirik.storsul@aptic.se

About Optin Bank

Optin Bank was established in 2017, aiming to set new standards for how payments and financing of e-commerce should be. Optin offers financing, invoice and payment solutions for online shopping, as well as savings, and loans to private customers. Optin cooperates with national and international e-commerce operators and will integrate our eCommerce Finance platform into their eCommerce solution. This will simplify the purchase process, and customers will have simple and flexible payment solutions for their purchases. Optin Bank ASA has a license from the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority and is a member of the Bank’s Guarantee Fund. The company is listed on the OTC List of the Bond Brokerage Association in Norway.

About Aptic

Aptic is a fast-growing Nordic fintech company, which developed an advanced and comprehensive platform – Aptic ARC – for financial solutions and modules for payments, travel account services, invoice purchases, debt collection and account and credit management. The platform is based on almost 20 years of experience and knowledge. It can be combined with a range of modules. The result will be one of the best, most comprehensive and advanced solutions in the market.

Aptic sees its role as a facilitator of innovation in the fintech field, both in terms of time-to-market and product and technology. Aptic’s customers are found throughout Northern Europe. At the offices in Stockholm, Trollhättan, Skövde, Oslo and Århus in Denmark the company employs about 120 people.