Knut Eirik Storsul has been appointed new CEO of Aptic AB. The appointment will be effective as of January 11, 2016. Knut Eirik comes from Lindorff, where he was Executive Vice President and CIO. Former CEO Susanne Bruce will continue as Board Member of Aptic.

Knut Eirik Storsul is originally from Norway and has a long international career with deep expertise in management and IT, most recently as Executive Vice President and CIO at Lindorff. Knut Eirik has also served as a member in Telenor’s management team and as CEO of Aker Business Solutions.

“We are extremely pleased that Knut Eirik has chosen to join us. Thanks to his long international experience, extensive system expertise and leadership, we know that Knut Eirik has the ability to continue to develop an already strong company like Aptic”, says Christer Villard, Chairman of Aptic. He proceeds with pointing out that:

“Susanne Bruce is doing a fantastic job and we feel very confident with that she will continue to work actively with the company based on her new role on the Board.”

Banking and finance is undergoing extensive transformation associated with the digitisation of products, services and channels.

“Aptic is well positioned in the market in this paradigm shift we see now. Together with the staff and owner, I want to build an international player that creates significant value”, says Knut Eirik Storsul and continues: “I have, as a customer, come to know Aptic, its long-term owners and highly qualified Board and worked with its market-leading products over a longer period of time. I really look forward to the opportunity to continue to develop future Aptic together with the rest of the team.”

Aptic has for several years enjoyed strong growth and initiated an internationalisation process. Susanne Bruce, in her new role, will direct her full attention to marketing, sales and international expansion.

“I am confident that bringing in Knut Eirik as CEO will make a strong contribution to achieve the future high expectations of Aptic”, says Susanne Bruce, Board Member and previous CEO of Aptic and ends; “It will be exciting and inspiring to work with Knut Eirik when advancing the market positions of Aptic.”

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Knut Eirik Storsul, CEO Aptic AB, +47-911 70456,

Patrik Steen, Director of Marketing and Sales Aptic AB, +46 733 98 40 47,